CHE’s reputation wasn’t built over night. Founder and President Claude Holguin, with 50 years involvement in motor sports, joined by his son Charles Holguin in 1983, have had experience with everything from building race engines to the management and operation of successful racing teams. It became very apparent that the valve guides available to the racing world were simply not up to the task of a 10,000+ RPM racing engine. The most popular materials – silicon bronze and phosphorus bronze – were all lacking in some way, either in wear resistance, thermal conductivity or both. Through outright persistence and trial and error, CHE partnered with a foundry willing to work in the development of a proprietary bronze alloy. The new material proved to have better wear resistance and thermal conductivity characteristics superior to anything available.

In 1989, at a time when valve train components were inconsistent – from both a materials and a machine practices standpoint – CHE initiated statistical process control (SPC) techniques (typically used in the aerospace industry) that enabled the company to build their product line with an unusually high level of quality and accuracy. Soon, Claude and Charles began building their own line of precision valve train components – again using their own proprietary alloys that exhibited excellent thermal conductivity and resistance to wear, regardless of the fuel being burned.

Today, CHE is more committed than ever to producing top quality parts. (Valve guides, valve seats, spring retainers, keepers/locks, lifter bore bushing, rockers, LS/LT Trunnion Kit upgrades) CHE’s loyal customers are the top engine builders in both the domestic field as well as the racing industry. They all believe that only the best will do.